Are you contemplating selling your Daytona Beach house at a good price? Eric Dalius says your property could become ready for listing in less than 30 days provided it is in top shape and know the real estate game. Then, you need to work hard to make your beach property attractive to potential buyers. If you’re selling your house for the first time and do not know much about the real estate business in Florida, work with an experienced property agent to help you make the deal come through without any hassle. Here is how:

Eric J Dalius is keen on big repairs

First things first, deal with big repairs, upgrades, or fixes, paying more heed to the bathrooms and kitchen. If you can spend about $2,000 on some new appliances, such as a range, a dishwasher, as well as a refrigerator, there is nothing like it. These upgrades would help you to fetch an additional $6,000, which means you recover that $2,000 easily. You do not lose your money.

When it comes to the bathroom, repair the corroded components such as the vanity countertop. Now, that is a bit expensive considering the size. Make sure your bathrooms are spotless, clean, and hygienic.

De-clutter your beach house

Mess and clutter put off potential buyers. You would like to make your customers imagine them living in the property, which would seem impossible if your beach house has your stuff heaped at all places. Eric Dalius has helped sell Florida homes, where storage was a big problem. It is not as difficult as it sounds because all you need to do is free up kitchen cabinets and closets.

Before you put your beach house ready for sale, keep all family photos and frames away, better pack these in a box. Such items distract your buyers. When you take these little steps, you can expect a five percent more asking for your property. It might fetch you $5,000 on average.

Deep clean

Before the open house, make sure you deep clean and wipe each part of your beach property for a spotless look and feel. Dust and vacuum all corners. Open all windows to let fresh air and sunlight enter the rooms. You should also deter from tossing up aromatic dishes a day or two before the open house. No buyer will like the smell of onions and garlic lingering in the entire house.

Hire a professional photographer

In this age of digital marketing, you need to hire a professional photographer to make your beach house look picture-perfect online. You can collaborate with a professional stager and photographer to do the job. No, your iPhone camera will not help you if you are looking for stunning photos to make your real estate deal pop.

Use an advanced digital camera if you are good at clicking pictures, else, the photographer will help you with it. A professional knows how to take clear photos even in low-lighted rooms and interiors. Photograph all rooms, patio, terrace, yard, or garden.


Try these tips and tricks to sell your Daytona Beach house at a higher price. Invest in staging because the returns will be much more than what you spend.