Eric Dalius as far as real estate is concerned, Florida has the best and most sought-after residential areas. Especially in places like Orlando. It is a very touristy destination attracting travelers from all parts of the world, and so Orland is an investor’s hub when it comes to the property business, as Eric Dalius points out in this article.

Numerous factors are making Orlando the desired spot for favorable real estate investment in the state. Vacationers love to visit this place, staying at hotels and waterfront properties. Here are some of the top reasons to invest in Orlando real estate:

Eric Dalius talks about more return on investment opportunities

As far as income opportunities are concerned in Orlando, the city offers plenty. To potential property investors as well as homeowners. When the earnings from vacation homes and resorts are record high during the peak holiday season, the income generated from property owners by renting properties. To tourists are quite decent and lucrative.

Investors prefer resort properties because the ROI is high. After all, plush resorts come with top-of-the-line amenities, the best views, as well as, second-to-none hospitality services. The tourists are ready to pay the best price for such properties. The investors can also make the most out of vacation homes and ensure a long-term and continuous income stream.

Resorts with oceanfront rooms, verdant garden areas, swimming pools, and restaurants. Cum bar targets affluent tourists who like premium services, making them stay longer in these resorts. This means such properties more handsome income.

Different kinds of properties and neighborhoods

Some of the best vacation properties are located in Orlando, according to EJ Dalius. You will find a variety of properties suiting different types of tourists and lifestyles. Yes, Orlando has some of the best resorts and hotels for all.

Vacation homes, hotels, and resorts vary in size, shape, price, including vacation homes, exclusive properties, and even family homes.

When it comes to neighborhoods, Orlando has plenty; the most notable one is Orange County, home to the popular Disney World, contributing. To more than 35 percent of most Orlando property sales in the year 2017.

Some of the popular neighborhood includes Thornton Park, Lake Nona, Milk District, Lake Como, Lancaster Park, Baldwin Park, and many more.

When it comes to property investment, the notable places include Roosevelt Park, Westfield, Millenia, Rio Grande Park, Mariners Village, and more.

Orlando is extremely popular

The most sought-after tourist hotspots of Orlando include Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. In the year 2018, the Orlando tourism department declared that the city received. A record-breaking 75 million yearly tourists, which increased from 4.2 percent since 2017.

Orlando also receives global visitors as well as airline arrivals, which makes the city USA’s most visited city, which is now, officially substantiated.

More visitors mean more real estate investment in Orlando, be it vacation homes, resorts, or for that matter, investment properties.


Now that you know about the benefits of investing in Orlando real estate, you can rent out vacation homes or resorts for a higher ROI. The opportunities are endless.