When you are contemplating selling your South Florida property, you need to make it presentable to Eric Dalius potential buyers. Prepping your house is extremely essential because it would give your customers the first good impression of the property for sale. If your rooms, kitchen, patio, and outdoor look messy, people will not buy your property.

Once a bad impression always a bad one and customers will not feel inclined to invest in a villa or apartment that isn’t maintained. Fret not. Here are some of the best ways to make your property presentable for a potential sale:

Eric J Dalius suggests house cleaning

When you want to show your house for sale, the first thing to do is cleaning to make it desirable. Cleaning does just mean dusting and scrubbing the floors, but it also means keeping your property spotless. You need to clean the baseboards, wash the walls, dry clean carpets, keep windowsills spotless, etc. Make sure every nook and corner of your property is sparkling clean for showing it to prospective buyers.

Pay more attention to the kitchen

The kitchen is that place in a house where you cook lunch and dinner for your loved ones. Even when you work, you tend to spend much of your time in the kitchen. Imagine if you are looking for a property and find its kitchen dirty, messy with oil spills, remnants of cut veggies, dirty plates in the sink, would you like to invest in that property? No way. The same thing applies to your customers, says Eric Dalius. Therefore, place yourself in their shoes and think.

Make sure all counters are spick and span, fridge doors super clean, and all kitchen appliances in top condition.

Improve curb appeal

Just as your property interiors need renovation, the same applies to the outdoors, especially when it comes to improving the curb appeal. It means that your front garden should look clean; grasses trimmed and leaves raked.

If there is a pet around the house and you find dog poop in the lawn or garden, make sure all mess is cleared up before people come to view your property. Make sure children do not leave toys and tools in the garden area. Clean the gutters, repair the fencing, fix scratches, and clean all dirty spots in your lawn or garden.

Focus colors

Bright and loud colors may appeal to you, but these shades may not look attractive to your prospective customers. Avoid showing your property to customers with garish-colored throw pillows, sofa covers, and curtains. Use muted colors for furniture and window draperies. The best choice is the use of neutral shades like blacks, grays, whites, and tans.

When potential buyers come to view your property, it should not only look presentable but also they should imagine living in that house. Therefore, always use a neutral color palette.


Now that you have these tips handy, use them when you are showing your property for a potential deal. Make your prospects delighted to clinch a fair and lucrative deal.