EJ Dalius Points Out Critical Steps to Take You Forward to Fulfilling Your Dream of Acquiring Real Estate License in Florida

EJ Dalius cannot help people in buying and also selling property in Florida. The Sunshine State unless you manage to acquire your real estate license. Selling real estate would necessitate a deep dedication and passion. For properties people and a license is also mandatory in Florida. First of all, you must be 18 years or more. And a graduate from high school and you must have a Social Security Number in the United States. EJ Dalius once you meet all these fundamental prerequisites. You are all set to take the next few leaps towards a challenging career in real estate Florida.

Some Proactive Steps to Take as Suggested By Eric J Dalius

Step# 1: Focus on Taking the Pre-License Course

You must prepare well and take the Florida-approved sales associate 63 hours of pre-license course. You must necessarily pass this exam to be eligible for pursuing a real estate career in Florida. This course is known to focus its attention predominantly on existing real estate laws, practices, and principles. Real estate calculations, analysis, and math are also, an integral part of the course curriculum. You could take the course in a typical classroom set up at the Realtor associations and realtor boards statewide or in a real estate school. You could alternatively, take the course online. Course packages generally range between $100 and $500.  You need to pass the exam with flying colors and get a score of a minimum of 70%.

Step# 2: Put in Application for Taking the Florida Real Estate Examination

As per https://www.stateofflorida.com, to qualify for a real estate agent’s job in Florida, you need to complete 24 months in the capacity of an active real estate agent within five years prior to becoming an FL licensed agent. Eric Dalius reminds you that in the case, you have experience in some other jurisdiction; you must indicate that while applying with an appropriate certification justifying your specific real estate licensing history. That cannot be a month older from this present jurisdiction.

Acquire your electronic fingerprints. You must understand that DBPR or the ‘Department of Business and Professional Regulations’ would be needing your fingerprints for conducting a meticulous background check. The fingerprints issue must be resolved and completed at least, five days in advance to sending your license application. Check out an apt place for getting electronic fingerprints. All fingerprint vendors have their distinctive prices; however, it typically costs between $50 and $80. You are required to come up with your unique Social Security Number and even the ORI number: FL920010Z. Once you submit the application, the DBPR would be reviewing the application and you would soon be notified by e-mail by the famous Pearson VUE Company.

Step# 3: Focus on Taking and Passing the Difficult State Real Estate Examination

Pearson VUE would be reviewing and supervising the entire state exam process and offering the real estate licensing course in a host of locations and formats. We understand that the precise cost would be around $36.75 for every exam. You would be notified by the Pearson VUE via an email that comes with “Authorization to Test” as the precise subject line. You would be informed if you are eligible to go ahead with the test.  This official email would be including details like your nine-digit ID number that you need to use for signing up for the real estate licensing examination with Pearson VUE.  You must pass this test with a minimum score of 75 out of total of100 points.

Step 4: Partner with a Qualified & Licensed Broker

Your license could be activated once you are affiliated officially with a qualified and licensed broker. A sponsoring real estate broker will help in activating your license utilizing specifically the DBPR RE 11: Sales Associate Form.

Step# 5: Become a member of a Local Realtor Board or Association

It is a good idea to become a member of a local board or association that is related to your broker. You need to explore all your options relating to local board offerings and also dues.


Once you complete all the above-discussed steps, you officially become a Realtor in Florida. You now are an active member of the renowned Florida Realtors State Association and even a member of the National Association of Realtors.