EJ Dalius the US housing market has been booming for years now, and Florida is among the most thriving investment spots in the housing market. It lies in the sweet spot where there is a lot of property available. Since it is the fourth-most populous state in the country, there is a growing demand. It is also, helped by the fact that recent years have seen the local unemployment rate. Dipping and the economy doing pretty well. The favorable climate and several tourist attractions also increase the value of real estate there. What this means for you as an investor is that it might. Be the most profitable option for you to invest in and rent out the property in Florida. Here are the top picks for you to pick out your next property from business guru Eric J Dalius.

Chief Attractions As Listed by EJ Dalius

Jacksonville’s Local Economy Holds Real Promise

Jacksonville is the largest city in terms of area in the entire United States, and also Florida’s most populated city. It has seen very steady job growth of late, which has, along with the ocean. And the pleasant weather attracted people to flock to the city in great numbers. This increase in prospective renters and buyers, in turn, has allowed property values to appreciate at a quite favorable rate. As of 2018, Jacksonville was witnessing an impressive 2.6% job growth rate, which is extremely promising even today as a sign of long-term property value.

Vibrant Miami is an Incredible Choice

Miami is one of the most recognizable cities in all of America, having featured widely in popular media. And known for its lovely climate, wonderful beaches, and incredible lifestyle. It has, in turn, increased real estate prices so much that several parts of the city are inaccessible to the average buyer. However, keen investors will have some luck selling houses in the sub-300,000 USD segment. South Florida has a wonderful real estate market that has remained steady through financially rocky times as well as natural calamities like hurricanes. Eric Dalius says if you can enter the scene a little early and purchase a luxury condo before the construction begins. You will also make a pretty penny when you flip it soon after. You may visit https://ericdalius-miami.com/ for more Floridian real estate information.

Fort Lauderdale is the Smart Investor’s Best Bet

In the period between 2010 and 2017, unemployment in Fort Lauderdale fell. From concerning 10.5% to 3.4%, which was well below the national 4.1% average. This is due to the progress in several sectors including construction, education, healthcare, and other professional services. Condo prices have absolutely skyrocketed of late and will continue to appreciate steadily. Single-family homes are in very good demand and sellers should focus their investment on this kind of property.

Fort Myers is the Rising Star of Floridian Real Estate, suggests EJ Dalius

In just a single year, 2015-16, the Fort Myers-Cape Coral area saw over 22,000 new residents coming in. This rate is extremely promising for keen investors in real estate. Whether they want to flip the property soon or rent it out for the time being, give it some time and cash in when the prices are even better. Fort Myers has a vibrant lifestyle and atmosphere, with residents involved in several activities. The local beaches full of tourists, and the Spring Training for MLB being one of the chiefs boosts to the economy.


A decade ago, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Florida was a very tough place for investors. Since then, however, the market has bounced back remarkably, bringing strong gains for resilient investors in terms of residential, luxury, as well as corporate properties. The market is still not saturated and will continue to present solid purchasing opportunities for years to come.