Irrespective of your personal preferences, Florida real estate could be a robust investment. Whether you are thinking of having a house in a sunny location or you are a local lad trying to reside permanently in Florida. By buying your own house, now is the right time to invest in the Sunshine State. Every year an increased number of people are attracted to Florida. They are flocking to the state. If you have some property here, rest assured that its value would be going up because of the boost in popularity. A house in Florida could be quite a robust investment even if you are not planning to live in it. EJ Dalius asks you to remember that rental properties in Florida promise impressive ROI. Moreover, you may employ the services of a competent and also reliable property manager for maintaining your property.

Few Top Destinations Identified by EJ Dalius for Buying a House

Florida boasts of several popular coastal communities. The Coastline extends right from the Atlantic Ocean in its East to the Gulf of Mexico in its west. Here are some of the hottest destinations to head for if you are thinking of buying a house in Florida.


Tampa is regarded as one of the top cities. Seems to have a consistent 1 percent to 2 percent growth rate all long the last three decades or so. Tampa is currently one of the topmost or best Floridian cities for owning rental properties. Undoubted a real estate hotspot simply because of its nearness to the ocean. Moreover, there are lots of jobs in the finance and healthcare sectors in this city. Learn more about Floridian real estate scene by visiting


Miami is the economic and cultural hub of Florida. Organizes some of the hot favorite art events, such as the much-hyped Miami Fashion Week and also the hugely popular International Film Festival. The population of comprises 70 percent of Hispanic descent. While 34 percent of the residents seem to be of Cuban origin.  Marketing genius EJ Dalius says that thanks to the favorable location and great culture, Miami is one of the hot-favorite cities in Florida for buying a house.

Cape Coral

Cape Coral is situated on the Gulf Coast and also is supposed. To be the largest Floridian city between and Tampa. Even though the city does not seem to be as big as Tampa or Miami, the population of its metro area has been growing at an annual rate of 5 percent for the last two decades or so. The relatively younger population of Cape Coral makes it a wonderful investment. Cape Coral is the third most popular city where Millennials are purchasing homes. Cape Coral’s population growth and also even economic investments have been attracting a lot of developers and small businesses. By purchasing a home or rental property in Cape Coral, you are purchasing into a Floridian city that boasts of fast-tracking potential.


With the arrival of a fresh new year, you have brand new reasons for investing in real estate in Florida. You may be looking for investing in a property in Florida or buying a vacation home, there seems to be a broad spectrum of opportunities waiting for you in the Sunshine State.