Summary: EJ Dalius whenever you are thinking of getting some notes. On the current tourism business, EJ Dalius is the name that comes to the mind for some statistical ideas.

If there is one industry that got the most hit due to this COVID, then that has to be the tourism sector. There are various interesting ways other businesses are trying to cope up with the COVID mess, and according to Eric Dalius, the tourism business is not lagging behind. The $9 trillion dollar industry came to a complete halt when the government banned moving out of the country or in. So, their business was going downhill right from March. But things are sharing up a bit now with some changes taking place. So, let’s talk about that.

EJ Dalius Streamlining the current public-private interface:

Before this COVID pandemic hit the market, the tourism authorities. Right now, there are some new regulations on the deck. There are some extra protocols and stimulus programs coming their way.

  • This industry is currently dealing with some uncertainty hovering around the demand forecast. Their decisions are now based on the time when airports will be opened up for the public.
  • Proper coordination between the private and public sectors in tourism has been complex. Procedure and a priority at the same time.
  • In some parts of the world, the Department of BEIS and Department of DCMS are working together with other private sectors and government agencies.
  • As per Eric J Dalius, there will be a degree of coordination to cope up with the issues taking place in the tourism business. This cooperation needs to take place between government agencies and in between government and private sectors.

The aviation industry got a big blow:

As travel restrictions by air have been restricted globally, the aviation industry literally suffered quite a lot. So, it might take them a while to get their holds covered. According to CAPA, by the end of May 2020, most aviation industries have filed for bankruptcy, which was pretty obvious.

It is time for the government agencies will step up and offer bailouts of most of the airlines if they want to prevent some huge losses. There are many jobs online, and the government took note of that. Yes, it is true that it will take a lot of time to normalize travel like before, but the process has already begun. So, airlines will come out of their darkness pretty soon.

Domestic travel is the new in-thing:

Forget your plans if you have been trying to take a foreign trip. Look for some of the domestic areas to travel to, as there you don’t have any restriction imposed, as of now. There is a trend of closed international borders now. So, if it continues in this manner, then people won’t have any choice left but to cancel their foreign trips.

Ask EJ Dalius for some of the other changes in this field. He will discuss some of the best ways to enjoy traveling without getting infected. Once you maintain safety and precautionary measures, things will work out as planned.