Business Ideas that is perfect for Mompreneurs according to Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius says there are countless mothers today that are flocking to pursue the lifestyle of a mompreneur. However, there will be a time when she cannot juggle working in the corporate. Field and cater to every demand to raise her little one in every woman’s life. A good number of moms have sacrificed their flourishing corporate careers to become a mompreneur.


Eric Dalius on Mompreneur Business Ideas 


There are several business ideas for mompreneurs, of which the best 4 are as follows. The best part about these businesses is that they can be done online and at one’s pace, thus putting in any hours one wants.


. Sell Homemade Goodies 

This is an excellent business for mompreneurs as they can make this made when the baby is sleeping or napping. Besides, she can test these products on her friends and family for instant feedback. And sell the same during weekends at farmers’ markets. One can also make a good relationship with local vendors such as delis and restaurants to boost sales. It is wise to start an individual website that should promote online marketing once up and running. Here social media will play an excellent role in having her reality show. Again she can entertain online fans, and she can also sell her goodies to them.


  • Online Parent Influencer

Social media has paved the way for parents to connect with other parents easily. Those who do not wish to write or blog can consider making videos for reaching out to parents on social media sites such as YouTube. One can also develop microcontent on Instagram for reaching out to other mothers. There are also groups on Facebook for those with similar interests for connecting and talking with one another. An online influencer can make money in different ways. When one grows a following online that trusts their recommendations, the brand will pay them in promoting services or products to that following. Besides, one can turn into an affiliate for products and get a commission for each sale that comes through their unique link.


. A Mom Blogger

Every mother desires to learn from another mother. Those who like to write can consider blogging about her experience as that of a mom. There is a good means of connecting with another mom and develop an online audience. For immediate connection with online audiences, writing blogs in a niche like parenting, reviewing child-related products, or cooking for kids. As a mom blogger, there are untold ways of making money, says Eric Dalius, of which an easy means is placing ads on websites. Another way is the recommendation of products and turning into an affiliate. Last but not least, is selling one’s products like an online course.


  • Virtual Assistant

A VA or virtual assistant helps busy professionals with various online tasks like making travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, answering different customer service mails, and readying & replying to emails. Each of the tasks can be performed at home when the kids are sleeping or napping. The costs one may incur for becoming a virtual assistant are speedy internet access and a computer. It is highly suggestive of developing a website for separating herself from the competition. On that website, she should list her skills and include testimonials from past customers.


Apart from these, the list of business ideas for mompreneurs also includes local digital marketing managers, freelance services online, and start an online course. They can also sell creations on Etsy, resell goods on eBay, iPhone photographers, and consult clients, personal training, and residential home cleaning.