Growing the business is the goal of most entrepreneurs, who want to leave their footprints. In locations, explore new demographics, and build bigger teams. By hiring new people who can do better things and are more creative.   When businesses reach the next level, it increases productivity and profitability and allows entrepreneurs to exert more influence and authority in their niche, explains Eric Dalius.

However, growing your business according to a plan will prevent you from stepping into shoes that are too large for you and can make you lose your balance. In addition, it could stifle the revenue growth that proves counter-productive. Therefore, the biggest concern in growing your business is to retain your company culture throughout the growing process.

To prevent your cultural priorities and core values from getting lost in your urge for reckless business growth, here are some things that you must do.

Create a deep-rooted culture for your organization, advice Eric Dalius

Define your organization’s culture and see that it extends. Its roots deep inside so that any external changes do not affect it.  The culture of the organization acts like a bowl in which you plant the seeds of business growth.  To make the culture visible instead of keeping it implicit, create a culture guide for the organization. It can become a template that governs the behavior of your employees both within and outside the organization.  The guide includes the organization’s core values with examples of behavior attuned. To the culture and beyond it and should be available to all employees. In addition, the document should help to identify cultural drifts.

Have a meaningful onboarding process

Even if the individual philosophy of new employees matches with the business’s core values, having a proper onboarding process in place allows the new entrants. To adapt to the company culture smoothly. Team leaders, mentors, and senior employees should work together to welcome new employees who feel comfortable in the new environment.

Hire people intelligently

Dilution of the workforce is a significant cause of cultural drifts. As new people join the organization, they bring new philosophies and values that can gradually change the organization’s cultural fabric. Although it is good to welcome new philosophies that can enrich the company culture, it should not be the other way round when the company culture veers away from the foundation.  To maintain the company culture intact by allowing some natural evolution. You must retain the cultural foundation first, advises Eric Dalius.

Train and support the leadership team

The company culture flows from the top through proper demonstration by the top management or leaders that highlight the philosophies and culture of the organization that percolates down to the lowest level. Therefore, training and supporting the leadership team should be your top priority to influence the rest of the team members.

Aim for steady growth

Never try to dash to the peak but instead take a careful and restrained approach for growing your business to take time to hire the right people who are not only high performers but also adapt the company culture with ease and helps to preserve it.

Review periodically to ensure that the company culture flourishes in the line as expected without deviation.