With miles of shoreline, a year-round pleasant climate condition. World’s best theme parks and the most vibrant cities Eric Dalius say like Tampa and Miami; Florida is one of the best real estate destinations in the USA. The big investors are extremely positive-minded when it comes. To investing in Florida real estate as they expect more growth in a concise run despite deadly pandemic situations.

Even the agents of Florida real estate are trying to become licensed real estate brokers so that they can earn millions by starting their firm. So, if you are among them and wish to become a real estate broker in Florida, you have just landed at the right place. Today, we will discuss the 6 steps suggested by Eric J Dalius that will help you become a real estate broker in the sunshine state. Read on to explore those 6 crucial steps.

Qualification and Experience Required as Suggested by Eric Dalius

If you are a high school diploma holder with at least 18 years of age and have been working. As a licensed real estate agent for at least 2 years, you are eligible to apply for the real estate broking license in Florida.

Eric Dalius Must-Have Completed Pre-Licensing Course

Once you have passed the experience criterion, now you have to complete 72 hours of pre-licensing course from a reputed institute. This course is a mandatory criterion from The FREC (Florida Division of Real Estate) for the real estate broker applicants in Florida.

This 72-hour pre-licensing course covers a vast syllabus of broking specific topics. That includes real estate math, laws, closing statements, and so on. If you already have completed your bachelor’s degree in real estate, you may not be required to complete this course.

Eric Dalius Submit the FREC Application

If you already have completed the 72-hour pre-licensing course as per the FREC guidelines. Now you are ready to submit an application to the FREC for the broking license examination. You have to submit all the relevant documents along with your application, including your age and qualification proof. Experience certificates, the certificate of 72-hour pre-licensing course. And the current status of your real estate agency along with an experience certificate as per the criterion.

Although, apart from the mentioned documents, to sit for the examination. You have to undergo fingerprint authentication and criminal background check as per FREC norms. If you want more detailed information related to this, you can check the official website of FREC.

Passing out the Examination

To get the real estate broking license, you must have passed the examination conducted by PearsonVUE. The examination consists of a total of 100 multiple-choice questions. And you have to score at least 75 to pass the test.

Activating the Broking License

Once you have passed the Florida real estate broker’s examination, you are now eligible to get an “Inactive” broking license. Now you have to fill the RE 13 Broker Transaction form of the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation and need to submit it to the Florida Real Estate Commission to get your broking license activated.

Complete Your Post-Licensing Course

So, finally, you are now an authorized broker of Florida real estate. This license is only valid for 2 years. To get a permanent real estate broking license in Florida, you need to complete a 60-hour post-licensing course. Once you complete that course, you can work as a permanent authorized real estate broker in Florida.


Well, as you have completed the whole topic, you are now better aware of each step for becoming a real estate broker. Therefore, if you have a genuine wish to make your career in the real estate industry, follow the mentioned steps and prepare yourself to get the real estate broking license in Florida.