Whether you are on the road or wish to work with artists in a different country, there are several helpful tools you can use to collaborate easily. To help you get started, we list down the top tools for virtual music collaboration. From brainstorming melodies to sharing files and tracks and live-streaming performances all over the world, these tools have it all!


1.     Soundtrap

Owned by Spotify, Soundtrap is a modern DAW that’s completely online and can be an excellent resource to create beats with its vast collection of loops and instruments, record your own music, start a podcast, or share audio files with friends from various social media platforms to collaborate on your sessions. The app’s interface is perfect for beginners, so you can get started immediately. After a free trial, you might have to pay a monthly fee. However, if you use the Basic version, you can work on up to five projects with 210 sounds and instruments and 900 loops.


2.     Bandlab

Bandlab is a free online DAW that you can use either on your phone or your computer. It features more than 200 instruments, a bass amp, and guitar simulations, along with the ability to record and live audio. Using the Bandlab app, you can collaborate and connect with an international network of creators.


Bandlab also offers an algorithmic mastering engine to help you make your recordings sound as good as possible. This tool for virtual music collaboration is unique as it offers unlimited storage and lets you undo history so you can go back to previous versions easily.


3.     Pibox Music

Pibox Music is a file-sharing application developed with remote music collaboration in mind. It has several features, including screen-sharing, live chat, commenting, video calls, and mixed version history data. It also allows you to upload remixed files easily rather than sending emails.


4.     Avid Cloud Collaboration

If you already use Pro Tools, you can easily use Avid’s collaborative tool, which allows several artists to contribute to the same project remotely. All you need is Pro Tools along with internet connectivity.


Avid Cloud Collaboration is great for engineers who are locked out of their recording studio but have to work on the same project. Once you start collaborating in Avid Cloud, Pro Tools is automatically going to save your work and re-open it as a project in the cloud. The program even has a built-in chat option that lets you share feedback in real time.


5.     Ableton Link

Have you formed a band with your roommates or family members? Ableton Link is an excellent tool for bandmates who wish to play together remotely. You don’t require connections or USB or MIDI cables. Plus, you also don’t need Ableton Live to join in on a jamming session!


Last Few Words

These days, it’s easier than ever for artists to exchange ideas, play together, and perform remotely. Using the virtual music collaboration tools listed above, you can get a chance to learn, collaborate, and experiment in a virtual landscape.