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Eric Dalius and the Value of Post-Secondary Education | Prague Post

Eric Dalius is a retired entrepreneur, marketing professional, real estate expert, and equal education advocate. He graduated from Penn State University in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Afterward, he spent over 25 years building a note-worthy career that is distinguished by more than $100 million in generated revenue.

Eric Dalius Uncovers Unequal Educational Opportunities in L.A.

Obtaining a high-quality education is one of the easiest ways to begin a successful career. And although one would consider college a necessity that everyone should have access to, it does not always work that way. On the contrary, the United States is a home to many regions where people do not experience the same educational opportunities.

Eric Dalius | Inspirery

Eric Dalius has been an entrepreneur for nearly his entire career. This energetic dynamo of a man is currently concocting his next strategic plan of action. He is truly one of the movers and shakers of the real estate and marketing industries and does not believe in doing anything half-way or half-hearted.

Eric Dalius – Founder of Eric J. Dalius Foundation

Eric Dalius is the Founder of Eric J. Dalius Foundation.


Eric Dalius is a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and education advocate based out of Miami, Florida. Eric Dalius earned a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State in 1992 and quickly jumped into the workforce. In a matter of months, Eric accelerated his career and became one of the leading salesmen in the entire country.

Eric Dalius on the Value of Continued Education – BlogProcess

In today’s ever-changing economy, a high school diploma alone is not enough to ensure that a person has the ability to support themselves. In 2016, enrollment in degree-granting postsecondary schools grew to 16.9 million students. This represents a 28 percent increase over the year 2000.

Eric Dalius on Why He Believes Bitcoin is Preparing for Another Bull Run | TechBullion

Eric Dalius is a retired real estate and marketing professional. His expertise in the real estate and cryptocurrency markets led him to outstanding success. His personal profits made it possible for him to retire at a young age. His unique experience in the field makes him a valuable resource for future real estate and technology …