One of the most serious problems facing modern America is unequal access to education. Minority communities throughout the country see lower levels of college education and much of the reason why is due to lower household incomes.

In an effort to remedy this problem and allow some of America’s smartest minds to receive a college education, Eric founded the Eric J. Dalius Foundation. Through this foundation, Eric Dalius provides young Americans below the poverty line with the resources they need to attend college.

Post-secondary education can be an essential asset when it comes to later success in life, often paving the way to careers that young Americans wouldn’t otherwise be able to pursue. In addition to specialized programs aimed at a selection of high-paying jobs, a university or college education provides American students with the comprehension, reasoning, writing, reading, and researching skills that they will need in order to be successful as adults.

Financial assistance from the Eric J. Dalius Foundation is ensuring that more American students have access to post-secondary education.