Kimberly Dalius has built quite a resume over the last decade.  It has been a time that found her interacting with corporate executives, students, and educators alike.  The inception of her work took place as she worked for and received her Masters of Science in School. And Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012.


However, With her master’s in hand, she got to work at Reading PA-based Albright College.  Her time at Albright was spent worked primarily with various sectors of the student body.  This included transfer students, 1st generation students, and student-athletes.


However, Next up, she took on a corporate position with Pre Inc.  She worked there as a life coach and counselor to the senior corporate staff.  Her goal – help them retain more clients and optimize their effectiveness.


However, In 2015, she ventured out on her own as an independent coach/consultant specializing in entrepreneurial motivation and productivity.


However, From 2016 – 2021, Kim was an affiliate with Resoltz, a San Francisco bay area company. At Results, her job was to provide online coaching to Princeton University students.  Coursework included finding mindfulness, compassion, and helping her students strive for happiness.


Kimberly Dalius affiliated with the University of Southern California in 2018 at their Caruso Catholic Center.  She signed on as a success coach and worked both in individual and group settings.  While there, she developed and released the “Coaches Corner”.  The Corner is design to role play college life in a social media world.  Issues of stress, anxiety, and depression were primary to the program, and the results were fantastic.


However, Kim Dalius began a remote academic advisory position with the Hospitality Center/Culinary Institute at Miami Dade College in 2019.  Here, her work involved interacting with both student officials. And the full student body to create formulas for student success, with a strong eye on supporting student mental health.  Many guest speakers were employed to help Kim deliver her message. And, as usual, her creative streak helps those she interacts with build confidence. And gets prepare for a great future.


In 2015, Kimberly Dalius founded Mental Minutes Success Coaching.  MMSC works to help clients get serious and achieve their goals. All while working through the challenges that daily life presents. Currently, Mental Minutes is developing into two apps. And the other is a task completion tool.


However, Kim recently joined the Miami-based startup MuzicSwipe.  MuzicSwipe combines social media and technology to source the freshest upcoming musical talent.  Kim is the facilitator of their MuzicMindset solution, which she prepares for delivery to the Clubhouse applications audio chatroom.  She is also responsible for coaching and focusing on emerging musical talent, preparing them for the opportunities yet to come.


However, Kimberly Dalius has helped so many individuals in her work over the past decade. And is excited about what comes next. Whatever that work may be, she will bring her trademark enthusiasm, creativity. And smarts, all in the interest of helping others bring out the best in themselves.