Staging your rental property in South Florida is like showing your best self in an interview with a potential employer. You need to create the first good impression on your tenants. Ensure that your beach property looks best by de-cluttering the disorganized parts and also introducing thoroughly picked works of art, furniture, bookshelves, wind chimes, plants, and lamps.

According to an article published on, property buyers prefer South Florida, especially Broward County for its quieter beaches and fewer people compared to Palm Beach and Miami. Therefore, if you have a property to rent here, you are in luck. Here are some top tips from us to ensure tenants see the best in your property and also envision living there:

Eric J Dalius recommends keeping all decorations simple

Did you know that minimal makeovers could do wonders for the waterfront property you let for your tenants? Stage your house with a simple “Welcome” doormat. When your prospective tenants take a tour of your rental home, it is the first thing that catches their attention. The doormat with the greeting message connects with your tenants on an emotional level, thus stirring their sentiments. When it comes to furnishings, keep it simple. Avoid de-cluttering with bulky furniture. Keep away your personal belongings to make your beach home clutter-free.

Improve curb appeal

Some tenants like touring properties while doing a fast drive-by to figure out whether the property interiors worth a visit at all. EJ Dalius believes that you can appeal to your potential tenants’ aesthetic sense with these useful ideas:

  • Keep the sidewalks and pathways clean.
  • Place shrubs, flowering, and potted plants.
  • Clean the front windows to keep them clean.
  • Keep the front lawn mowed.
  • Make the front porch inviting by hanging a fancy light above and some white chairs.

Keep the house interiors spotless

Give your rented property’s interiors a shine chic. From polished floors and also clean window curtains to an organized bookshelf and living room carpet, everything should glisten. It is one of the easiest ways to stage your rental house to make it warm and inviting to prospective tenants. Keep a clean bowl of fresh fruits on your kitchen counter to make your place look homely.

Make your rented house worth living

Yes, you should de-clutter your house on rent. Then, it is also essential to strike the perfect balance to make it worth living. You need to introduce a couple of items to make your rental house attractive. A flower vase on the living room coffee table, a wicker basket full of fresh fruits from the farmer’s market on the kitchen counter, or a lemon bowl next to the sink to make the cooking area smell good and also fresh will take the home staging to the next level.


Now that you have these tips handy to stage your rental property, it will make the deal click. You can clinch a lucrative contract provided you know how to present your Florida home to tenants. You can incorporate many little changes so that your rental home becomes attractive to tenants