Small Business

Grants under the CARES Act Available to Small Businesses Affected by the Coronavirus in Some Florida Counties – An EJ Dalius Compilation

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by U.S. lawmakers in March 2020 for a record grants amount of $2.3 billion to assist people. And also businesses affected by the economic downturn sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. Accordingly, several Florida counties have received funds for assisting small businesses. A quick view

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Destination for Starting a Business

Eric Dalius Explains Why Florida Is Such an Attractive Destination for Starting a Business

Eric Dalius there are a very large number of factors that can affect the ability of the business destination to compete in contemporary global markets. Even in a nation like America that is considered pro-business, Florida stands out for its welcoming attitude to businesses, big and also small with its business-friendly environment that enables businesses

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